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To provide a better overview of the options available within your organization for managing business identities, we typically pose the following questions.

Your organization can either manage business identities manually—by adding and removing them as needed—or automate the process using our solution. We link your employee AD users to MitID business identities and automatically assign or withdraw these identities when they enter or leave an access-granting group.

The second option is whether users should use their private or a dedicated MitID to sign in, or opt for a more seamless sign-in experience with single sign-on (SSO). With SSO, users only have to sign in once and can thereafter navigate between various portals without having to re-enter their credentials. Furthermore, with the SSO option, employees are able to use their company credentials, e.g. their email to sign in, with which they are already familiar.

In the following articles, we will go through the steps required for users to activate and use their business identities.

  • Private or Dedicated MitID: This guide will offer a step-by-step walkthrough detailing the procedures that users of MitID Erhverv must follow to activate their business identity using either a private or dedicated MitID.

  • Company Email (Local IdP): This guide will provide a step-by-step walkthrough outlining the actions users need to take to activate their business identity using their company e-mail.

Released under the MIT License.