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What is Identity Stack?


Identity Stack is a plug-and-play solution for managing business identities in MitID Erhverv. It provides single sign-on with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to the public national MitID broker, NemLog-in. The solution offers a streamlined approach to assigning and managing MitID Erhverv access and rights directly from Azure, using AD Security Groups. By making the company's Azure AD the primary identity management solution, it simplifies the administration and lifecycle management of MitID Erhverv business identities.

Additionally, the solution offers a range of features and benefits to help businesses manage their MitID Erhverv effectively. With Identity Stack, businesses can easily assign and manage roles and permissions based on factors such as terms of employment or department. This makes it easier to ensure that employees have the access they need to do their jobs while maintaining security and compliance.

The solution also provides detailed audit trails and reporting, enabling businesses to track all changes to MitID Erhverv rights and access. It offers valuable insights into user behavior and potential security threats, helping businesses proactively identify and address security risks to improve their overall security posture.

Identity Stack is a powerful plug-in solution designed to enhance your Azure infrastructure with advanced security capabilities. Leveraging the latest security technologies and Microsoft Azure features, Identity Stack seamlessly integrates with Azure Active Directory, providing unparalleled security and management capabilities.

Key Features

  • Single sign-on to Danish Governmental Websites

    Identity Stack makes it possible to single sign-on into all Danish governmental websites federated with the NemLogin broker. This includes widely-used platforms like SKAT,, Tinglysning, and more. Our unique solution alleviates the necessity for our customers to conduct burdensome organizational audits (NSIS) or maintain expensive and superfluous technical infrastructures (Local IdP). All these complexities are managed effortlessly by Identity Stack as a comprehensive SaaS solution.

  • Active Directory as Single Source of Truth

    Identity Stack allows you to manage your MitID business identities directly within Azure Active Directory, thus rendering redundant the task of managing multiple identities across different systems. This not only simplifies your IT management but also reinforces security by offering a singular source of truth for identity management.

  • Seemless Integration With Azure Active Directory

    Identity Stack lets you utilize your existing Microsoft Active Directory to the fullest. It enables you to exploit every existing security feature in Azure AD, including Entitlement Management, Access Review, and Lifecycle Workflow. This plug-and-play solution is not only effortless to deploy but is also intuitive to use, thus offering a comprehensive security solution straight out of the box.

  • Customizable MitID Erhverv Self-Service Platform

    Identity Stack provides a beautiful and intuitive self-service platform for employees utilizing MitID authentication. This platform encourages user autonomy, allowing individuals to manage their own accounts with ease. Consequently, this reduces the workload on IT departments and accelerates resolution of common issues.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    The Identity Stack is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted in Microsoft Azure. Identity Stack handles all maintenance and future enhancements of the platform. Moreover, we leverages Microsoft's secure infrastructure and Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components to ensure that all components are consistently patched and updated to the highest standards by Microsoft.

Released under the MIT License.